For Renew's Christmas church service, we are considering aiming for an 9:30pm-10:30pm service. It would be simple service with carols, Bible reading, a brief children’s talk and a short gospel-oriented sermon. The aim would be for it to be a service that you could invite friends or family to, i.e. it is for evangelistic purposes as well as our own Christmas celebration as a church.

Please honestly answer if you plan on coming or not as often Christmas services in the Gold Coast are not well attended and if few people plan on attending, then we consider alternatives.

Will you come to an 9:30pm-10:30pm Christmas Eve church service this year?
Real name No Possibly but am unsure if I will local Yes I am likely to be local and will come
Anne Gough ()   
Annie Grove ()   
Atalia ()   
Graham Grove (admin)   
Mable ()   
Malcolm ()   
mary creasy ()   
Matthew Grove ()   
Neil Kench ()   
Nicole Grove ()   
Simon Grove ()   
Wendy, Shaun, Matthew ()   
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