I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything elseā€¦ C.S. Lewis

If you need to give a sermon, feel free to use and modify any ideas contained in any of my sermons (or send me feedback on any sermon). After all, freely I've received, so freely I should give!


Luke 15 - A lost son

Ephesians - The Spiritual Realm and the Armour of God

1 John 4 - Love came down

Mark 8 - Who is the real Jesus




Luke 2 - Know Jesus and find peace

Luke 1 - The humble God who lifts up the humble

Romans 12 - Overcome evil with good

Romans 12 - Use what God's given you

Matthew 28 - A great mission statement - just do it!

1 John 2 - Join God's plan and it wll never pass away

Genesis 2 - Being Green

Daniel 5 - The writing's on the wall for those who ignore the sovereign king

Genesis 1 - God of purpose

Matthew 25 - Caring and preparing for Jesus

Matthew 21 - Jesus came to sae us, but on his terms, not ours

Matthew 5 - Its what's inside the heart that counts, so work hard on transforming that

Copies of the essays that I needed to submit for my theology degree can be found here:

Bible College Essays

If late one night you find yourself having to write an essay on any of the topics I did, hopefully my old essay will give you some ideas!

Also, during my time at Bible College, my friends Mark and Chris and I also also kept a wiki where we shared practice exam answer. A snap-shot of the wiki can be found here:

BCSA Exam Question and Answer wiki

A selection of photos connected to religion and faith from my 2004 world travels can be found here:

2004 Religious Photo

Grove, G. Life and Death - The End of Life Issues of Euthanasia, Withdrawal of Treatment, and Relief of Suffering. South Australian Baptist Assembly. 2011.

How to read the Bible Lecture Series, Renew Church, 2019 (Lessons 2, 4 and 6 - Narrative, Prophecy and Preaching)

The Way, 1998

One Week, 2000

You are the One, 2002

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