Everything that is good and perfect comes to us from God our Father… James 1:17

Announcing the birth of Annie Yvette Grove:

Born on the 22nd of September, 2012, Annie came into this world pretty fast! With some “twinges” starting just after midday, I convinced Nicole that we needed to go to hospital in late afternoon. We reached the labour ward at about 5:30, the midwife joined us at about 5:55 and Annie was born at 6:13.

She's beautiful in every way and her brothers have been so excited to meet their new sister. We see her as a real gift from God, which is what the name Annie means. Her second name Yvette is also Nicole's middle name. So just like her brothers her names relate to what is most important to Nicole and me - her first name relates to our faith and beliefs and her second name connects her to our family. We also liked the connection with Annie's Nanna's (Nicole's mum's) name which is Anne, and have since found out that the first family of Groves to come to Australia included an Annie Grove.

Oh, and here are the numerical details that people often want to know - her weight was 3.61 kg, length 52 cm and head circumference 33 cm.

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