Renew Church is planning on having a stall at the 2019 Hillcrest Christian School Fete on Saturday the 14th of September. As we are a new church, our main aim is to simply raise community awareness of Renew in a positive way.

If you are able and willing to help man the stall, please either email or phone Graham, Nicole or Stephen, or sign your name below to your preferred time of helping. Graham or Stephen will later this week or at church on Sunday chat to you to confirm the time. At this week's church lunch and meeting from 12pm to 2pm we will spend 30 minutes talking about and working out some of the practical details of the stall (and of course praying for it).

If you are available and willing to help with Renews 2019 Hillcrest Stall, please indicate your preferred time:
Real name 9am-10am Set-up 1pm-3pm 3pm-5pm 5pm-7pm 7pm-8pm Pack-up
Anne Gough ()     
Josiah ()     
Mable ()     
Malcolm ()     
Malcolm L ()    
Mary ()     
Mel ()     
Neil ()    
Nicole ()     
Nicole G ()     
Renee ()     
Shellanda ()     
Tim ()     
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