Some photos from North America...

Sorry about the poor quality of some of the photos (we over-compressed a few of them making them blurry and less colourful)

Everglades, Florida - Do these have an appetite for Australian tourists? Apparently not, but we kept our distance anyway

Hollywood, California - Surrounded by stars in the land of The Governator

Las Vegas, Nevada - Why go to New York, when you can see a "replica" here (along with a replica Colleseum, Pyramid, Sphynx, Eiffel Tower...)

Grand Canyon, Arizona - Everything in America is big - and this canyon is no exception

Salt Lake City, Utah - Only come to the Mormon Temple of Temple Square if you're happy to be approached by more mormons than you could ever imagine

Rocky Mountains, Utah - We're children at heart (and anyway, building a snowman was a lot cheaper than skiing)

Black Hills, South Dakota - From a distance we thought this was Sully from Monster's Inc, but the park ranger we found later told us it was only an introduced mountain goat

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota - Luckily the fog cleared, otherwise this photo would be us standing in front of the Mount Rushmore Coke Machine, which had a photo of Mount Rushmore on it

Chicago, Illinois - The buildings aren't that tall! (Actually, I lie - they are really, really tall)

Chicago, Illinois - They're just so cute

Orange County, Ohio - Searching for the Amish

Cleveland, Ohio - This was mom's house when she was a child, although given her disinterest in sport, we bet that the basketball ring is a new feature

Near Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Snow falling on April 13 - Nicole's dream, and Graham's birthday present

Parc du Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada - The white landscape has been an unexpected experience (just goes to show our ignorance of the weather patterns over here)

Quebec City, Canada - This French city had a flavour all of its own (and a smell too - a good one for a change). This is the Chateau Frontenac

New Brunswick, Canada - We just had to pull over for this sunset

Prince Edward Island, Canada - This is the original White Sands Hotel (where Anne recites the Highwayman)

Prince Edward Island, Canada - The Green Gables house set among pretty woodlands and fields

Prince Edward Island, Canada - Yumm, icicle stick - it was very cool how the tree branches became encased in ice

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia - We finally got to see the spring colours

Winchester, Virginia - Our humble "home" for 4 weeks - the Walmart carparks of America. We shared it with the RV drivers. They had the comforts of home on four wheels. We had a reclinable car seat.

Washington DC, Maryland - George W wasn't home so we couldn't have a barbeque with him in his backyard

Washington DC, Maryland - This is the towering Washington Monument in all its reflected glory

New York, New York - The beautiful central park against the New York skyline - we bet this is Marriage Central on Saturdays

New York, New York - The Statue of Liberty was there to welcome millions of migrants, but today it seemed it was there to farewell us to its country of origin - next stop, France