Some photos from Kenya...

Masai Mara - A trio of lions pose for the cameras

Masai Mara - "It's mine!" Vultures squabble over a dead zebra

Masai Mara - A cheetah looking for dinner among a herd of wildebeest

Masai Mara - Zebras mightn't blend into the grass, but they do blend into each other

Masai Mara - Maasai men making fire their way

Masai Mara - The traditional welcoming dance being performed by Maasai women inside their village

Lake Nakuru - So many birds!

Lake Baringo - Graham chatting with a local (who incidentally has just told him he's a girl for being scared of snakes!)

Lake Bogoria - We loved these dramatic hot springs

Nyahururu - Thompson's falls, in the central highlands

Near Isiolo - Some camels roam free under an amazing sky

Samburu - A giraffe munching away

Samburu - A termite mound built around a tree with many weaver bird nests

Samburu - Elephants eat 250 kg of vegetation a day!

Samburu - Spot the odd one out...

Samburu - Caught in the act! Baboons making the most of having human neighbours

Samburu - A family of elephants crossing the river (for the umpteenth time that day)

A small town near Karatina - A busy roadside market