Some photos from Europe...

Paris, France - Mr Eiffel sure had a way of making metal look magnificent

Barcelona, Spain - Graham in front of some of Gaudi's magical mosaics ("What's a mosaic?" - Graham)

Pisa, Italy - What an angle!

Rome, Italy - Where was our pocket history teacher when we needed him?! These are the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum

Vatican City - The Pope in action - crowds at a canonisation in St Peter's Square

Prato, Italy - Reflected beauty in rural Italy - sometimes the best spots aren't in the guide book...

Venice, Italy - ... And sometimes they are... This is the Basilica in the main square in Venice

Venice, Italy - Romance here comes at a high price - $120 to be precise... But doesn't it look nice!

Interlaken, Switzerland - Picture perfect Switzerland...

Lake Brienz, Switzerland - ... With alps, aquamarine water, waterfalls and scenic villages...

Dachau, Munich, Germany - The barb wire is a moving reminder of what man is capable of

Near Fussen, Germany - A field of buttercups on the way to Mad Ludwig's Castle

Munich, Germany - Well, if you don't have a beach, why not use the river?

Wittenberg, Germany - The famous door to which Luther nailed his 95 theses

Berlin, Germany - On this last remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall, was spraypainted the word, "madness"

Amsterdam, Holland - Why are the houses so thin? Economics - houses were once taxed based on their width

Bruges, Belgium - Romantic, mediaeval Bruges

Near Ypres, Belgium - These are preserved trenches from the First World War

Near Ypres, Belgium - One of the many military cemeteries around Ypres - this one was for Australian soldiers

Oxford, England - Isn't Oxford beautiful? (Graham with Kirsty Teague)

Oxford, England - Out for a spot of punting in front of Toad Hall

Stone Henge, England - The remarkable 5,000 year old Stonehenge