Some photos from Egypt...

Giza - The pyramids of Khufu, Kafre and Menkaure

Abu Simbel - The Temple of Ramses II

Aswan - A traditional Egyptian boat (felucca) on the Nile

Kom Ombo - A sample of the gods and heiroglyphs seen engraved over most ancient sights. This shows Horus, the falcon god and Sobek, the crocodile god.

River Nile - Cruising from Aswan to Luxor; the fertile banks of the Nile are in the background.

Luxor - Everything at Karnak is on a huge scale

Mount Sinai - This wasn't Mum's best night - getting a lift up the mountain on a camel with a Bedouin guide only made her feel more unwell...

Mount Sinai - The rugged landscape of Mount Sinai, where God revealed himself to Moses

Mount Sinai - The view of the sunrise from the peak

Sinai - St Katherine's moastery has been functioning since the fourth century

Suez - Our lovely view from our hotel in Suez - even the shabbiest apartments have satellite TV...

Alexandria - The sun setting over the mediterranean

Alexandria - The new great library of Alexandria with a couple of local members

Saqqara - Dad gets back to his Egyptian roots at the Step Pyramid

Cairo - The main Coptic Cathedral in Coptic Cairo

Cairo - The Al-Azhar Mosque in the background of the busy Khan-al Khalili market

Cairo - The Mohammed Ali Mosque lying within the Citadel

Cairo - Inside the mosque

Cairo - The Cairo skyline